Small Space Solutions: Accommodating Guests

Having overnight guests?  Although sleeping on the couch for the night may do the trick for close friends and relatives, it would be better if you had some guest space prepared in your home especially if you’re expecting company.

Setting up some guest space doesn’t have to be too expensive. Guests don’t really expect you to have a room that would rival a hotel suite; most would be more than thankful for bit of privacy and a comfortable bed to sleep on.

For starters, look around your house for some extra space.  It doesn’t have to be huge – just enough to fit a bed and a few other essentials.  You don’t really have to break down a wall to put up a new room.  Use that small work room in the basement or a dressing room you don’t really need.  Time to get creative.  A little paint, curtains and DIY decorations can do wonders and give the room a warm, homey feel.  Okay, you really don’t have a room to spare but maybe there is some space you can free up - you can use attractive curtain room dividers to enclose any free space you find.  

Obviously, the bed is the most important piece of furniture you’ll need for your guest space.  It doesn’t need to be lavish; you don’t need to spend a lot on a bed that won’t be used every day.  Choose a bed that is affordable but make sure it’s comfortable.  We’re recommending a queen-sized bed that could comfortably fit 2 people should the need arise.  Take a look at our Queen Bed Ensemble frame base.  The frame is sturdy and provides firm mattress support.  Its quilted cover is classy and elegant, and you could easily add your own style of linen to create a personalized look.  Or check out our Queen Metal Bed frame. This simple frame made with durable steel comes in a chic black finish. It doesn’t have all the trimmings but it would be a perfect fit for tight spaces. Both bedframes accommodate a standard queen-sized mattress.  

If space permits, add in a side table with drawers that your guest can use to keep their necessary items close at hand.

Whatever you come up with, you mustn’t forget that the most important thing you can give your guest is the feeling of being welcome in your home


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