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The benefits of a glass splashback in your kitchen

Although it may not exactly be the most exciting thing in the world, having a glass splashback in your kitchen comes with many benefits that you wouldn't get without one.

First of all, we'll take a quick look at just what a splashback is, for those of you who aren't sure.

Choosing the perfect kitchen or laundry sink

Kitchen and laundry sinks are an essential. Without them, where would we wash our hands, wash dishes, and wash our clothes, amongst other tasks?!

Using one is easy – it’s just choosing one to buy that can prove to be a difficult task! Thankfully, help is at hand. If you feel as though your kitchen and laundry room sink is due an upgrade, have a quick read of our buying guide below – you’ll be washing, cooking, and cleaning your dream kitchen and laundry room in no time at all!