The benefits of a glass splashback in your kitchen

Although it may not exactly be the most exciting thing in the world, having a glass splashback in your kitchen comes with many benefits that you wouldn't get without one.

First of all, we'll take a quick look at just what a splashback is, for those of you who aren't sure.

What is a splashback?

A splashback is a piece of glass (or another similar material) that is placed at the rear wall next to a hob - so you would be facing it if you were cooking something.

The name says it all really - splashbacks are designed to catch any splashes that are made whilst cooking. The advantages of having such an item in the home may seem like they're far too obvious, but there are many more than you may think....

Ease of cleaning when you need it the most...

After a busy day spent cooking or baking, the last thing you'll want to be doing is spending another hour or so scrubbing away. Thankfully, glass splashbacks can easily be wiped clean with not much more than water. As well as saving you money on cleaning products, it'll save you a fair amount of time that may have been spent scrubbing, too.

As well, having something that’s easy to clean will do wonders for your hygiene – which is beyond important in the kitchen. Surfaces such as wood, which are porous, can be a breeding ground for the likes of bacteria- not something you want nearby whilst you’re preparing food. 

Heat resistance...

Buy a splashback made from a material that isn't glass (or a similar material) and you run the risk of warping, damage, and possibly fire from the heat produced by cooking - glass will save you a ton in regards to repairs and maintenance, too.

A sleek design

Even if your kitchen features more of a homely or wooden design, there’s no denying that glass makes for the perfect finishing touch – and a modern one, at that. It even reflects light, which can help to make your kitchen look spacious!

Tons of variety

Glass doesn’t necessarily have to mean plain and translucent – glass splashbacks are available in all manner of colours and designs. If you’re feeling extra fancy, you may even be able to get an etched one!

To find out more about glass splashbacks, or to get buying yours today, please feel free to contact us.

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