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Handling Tempered Glass Properly

When it comes to home improvement, there’s a good chance that you’ll come across tempered glass. A stronger, safer version of regular glass that’s built to take some hits, and when it actually does shatter, it forms small, granular pieces in order to avoid injuring anybody around it. Designed to withstand temperature changes as well, you’ll often find glass like this used in showers, balconies, and cars everywhere.

Renovating a Bathroom: Choosing Taps and Fixtures

Renovating a bathroom is no easy task and it could easily cost a small fortune! Make sure you’re ready before you start to tear up the place – there are a lot of materials online from professional advice to do it yourself videos, so do the research first.

Professional plumbing issues aside, one major concern is choosing the right taps and fixtures from the hundreds of available products that vary in style and design, functionality, price and quality. How do you narrow down your choices?