Handling Tempered Glass Properly

When it comes to home improvement, there’s a good chance that you’ll come across tempered glass. A stronger, safer version of regular glass that’s built to take some hits, and when it actually does shatter, it forms small, granular pieces in order to avoid injuring anybody around it. Designed to withstand temperature changes as well, you’ll often find glass like this used in showers, balconies, and cars everywhere.

Although it is known to be a stronger type of glass, it should still be treated as such and handled carefully; here are a few guidelines in doing so.

-Wear safety glasses and gloves when working with tempered glass, especially when it comes to larger panels. Accidentally dropping or holding onto the still sharp edges can potentially cause you harm.

-Keep the corner protectors on and never stand the glass on the edges, even with the protectors on. The edges and corners are the most fragile parts of the panel; extra care should always be used when dealing with them.

-Avoid keeping the glass directly on hard surfaces, especially those that some people are likely to walk by, and likewise, avoid keeping any direct pressure on the glass before installation.

-Use suction cups. These are the best way to move and handle the glass, avoiding direct contact whilst holding them at points of strength.

These basic safety tips should make handling tempered glass easy for just about anybody, but if you still have doubts or trouble with doing so, make sure to contact a professional or somebody with experience on the subject to help you out!

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