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Choosing between a swing gate vs a sliding gate for your home

It may not exactly be one of the most pressing decisions you have to make in your life, but there are still some factors you should consider when it comes to choosing between a swing gate and a sliding gate for your home.

Concerned about space? If space is an issue for you, a sliding gate will most likely be your best bet. Swing gates will take up much more space due to the fact that they swing outwards/inwards, whilst sliding gates will take up very little space. A sliding gate may also be a wiser option if you’re worried about scratching cars or other nearby objects, for example.

After something more modern? As a whole, sliding gates tend to look a lot more contemporary and streamlined than their swinging cousins. Depending on the sort of look you’re after when it comes to your home and garden, we would say that swinging gates tend to suit more traditional styles, whilst sliding ones look a lot more chic and sleek.

Our advice is just a guide though – choose whichever gate you feel as though makes your home look good!