Renovating a Bathroom: Choosing Taps and Fixtures

Renovating a bathroom is no easy task and it could easily cost a small fortune!  Make sure you’re ready before you start to tear up the place – there are a lot of materials online from professional advice to do it yourself videos, so do the research first.  

Professional plumbing issues aside, one major concern is choosing the right taps and fixtures from the hundreds of available products that vary in style and design, functionality, price and quality.  How do you narrow down your choices?

The first thing you have to remember is that style is a matter of personal preference – there really is no right or wrong style.  What you have to consider is making sure that each component complements the room, and each room complements the overall look and feel of the house.

If budget is not a limiting factor, get a bathroom suite – all you’d need to decide on is the style that goes with the rest of your house:  traditional, contemporary, ultra-modern?  If you’re going to mix and match, consider the following:

1. Compatibility. Taps and fixtures are sold separately. Although most generic taps would fit generic fixtures, some would not.  You’ll need to make sure they’re compatible.  Also look at positioning. Some taps might be designed to be placed in the center while the basin you’re getting may have the hole for the tap on the right. Or the position of existing pipe – can you have an off center tap without having to redo the plumbing? If you’re not sure, consult your plumber.

2. Proportion.  Is the tap too big for the sink you chose? If you’re getting a recessed or semi-recessed sink, will it fit the countertop you choose? 

3. Ease of use.  Think about the oldest and youngest family members and the difficulties they may face.  For example, taps or mixers?  Young children may easily be scalded if they accidentally use the hot water tap.

4. Utility and Functionality.  Is space at a premium?  Do you need storage space for toiletries?  If you get a pedestal sink for example, it won’t take up much space but you won’t have storage. Whereas a vanity with sink will give you storage but will you have enough clearance to open the cabinet or pull out drawers?

5. Cleaning and maintenance.  Not all materials are made equal. Natural stone counter tops and sinks are beautiful but the porous material, may stain easily.  Chrome plated is a popular choice for taps and mixers – easy to clean but beware, some cheaper brands may peel off and tarnish quickly. 

6. Repair and Replacement.  You also have to plan forward.  Should the tap or any of the fixtures break down, can it be repaired?  Are replacement parts available?

7. Quality and price.  Don’t just look at the tag price. Be more discerning.  If there are available reviews for the product, read them.  What may be a bit more expensive may actually offer more savings in the long run.


The key to making the right choices is to have a clear idea of what you need and what you want before you start looking online.  Make a checklist if you have to, and compare similar products.

Contact us at Fast Factory and we can help find the best fit for you!

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