Buying Guide: Choosing a bathroom basin

A bathroom wouldn’t really be much good without having a basin in, would it? They’re essential for hygiene, but can also play a massive part in improving the aesthetic value of your bathroom, too.

However, buying one isn’t as easy as just going out and selecting a pretty one that you like – if it was, people would change their basin every other week.

Regardless of if it’s your first or fiftieth time purchasing a basin for your bathroom, we have rounded up some top tips for selecting the perfect basin for your needs.

Shape up

First of all, determine if you would prefer an angular or a round basin. As a general rule, you should match your new basin to the furniture that is already present/ set to be present in your bathroom. For example, if your bath features rounded corners, opt for a basin that matches. If your toilet has a totally square cistern and seat, aim to purchase a basin that features the same clean lines and angular corners. 

If you’re going for an entirely new bathroom and aren’t sure if you prefer angular or round shapes, sanitary ware that features angular corners and straight lines tend to offer a more contemporary and sharp look, whilst rounded and curved shapes give a softer and more homely impression. This is just a general guide though, as some basins are an exception to the rule. 

We strongly recommend that you measure your bathroom as much as possible before you select your basin. The full room isn’t necessary – unless it is exceptionally small - but make sure to measure the area a couple of times for an accurate reading. To ensure you get the ideal fit, make sure you ensure that no doors will open onto the basin, and that you have plenty of room between that and the toilet, the shower, bath, or any other piece of sanitary ware or furniture in the bathroom.

Finally, it’s important to consider any other basin accessories or fitting that you might need.  Do you want one tap, or twos taps, and can your basin of choice accommodate this? What sort of plughole do you want – a chain-and-stopper or a push-down plug? Will you need to buy a pedestal or a unit to accommodate the basin you want, or is your old one just fine? 

The list goes on, but you can be sure that the team at FactoryFast is always on hand to help select the ideal furniture for your home. If your basin is need of an upgrade, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.


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