Choosing the Right Headboard for your Bed

Does a bed need a headboard?  Not really, but having a headboard definitely adds style and functionality to a bed.

There are lots headboards available online for you to choose from.  Let’s try to narrow down your options so you end up with the best possible headboard.

Why do you want a headboard?  


Getting a new headboard is an easy way to redecorate a bedroom and create that overall look you want - traditional, modern, elegant, romantic or cozy.  The headboard is usually one of the first things you notice upon entering the room so you have to make sure that it complements the bed and the rest of the room in terms of color scheme and design.  You can make the headboard appear to blend in for example, by matching the style and color of your rug or curtains. Or you may want to highlight it by contrast – a black headboard in a pastel colored room.  


A headboard is not only decorative. Do you read in bed? A headboard serves as backrest especially if your bed is not flat against a wall.  You might want to consider a padded or upholstered headboard to keep you comfortable.  Some headboard designs have shelves that you can use for favorite books and magazines.  Others may have drawers for small necessary stuff like your reading glasses, cell phone, emergency medication or maybe jewelry that you take off before sleeping.

Clear on your reasons for wanting a headboard? Let’s look at the available options:


The headboard may come built-in with the bed, or as a separate panel that you can attach and detach like accessories. The detached headboard comes in two types: those that stand on the floor and those that are wall mounted.

If you’re willing to buy a new bed, you don’t need to worry about figuring out if the headboard will match.  Plus, a built-in headboard tends to be sturdier.  Downside is, when you’re ready for a change later on, you’ll need to buy a new bed as well.

Detached or separate headboards allow you to be creative.  They’re easy enough to install and not as expensive as buying a new bed altogether, so you can create a new look for your bedroom whenever you want.  Remember, detached headboards come in standard bed sizes – if you have a king-sized bed, get a king-sized headboard.


Headboards are made with various materials.  Traditional or classic headboards are made of solid wood, or metal, like iron or brass. These would range from simple polished designs to very ornate and could be more expensive. The more popular options these days include padded or upholstered headboards.  Depending on the design, upholstered headboards finished in durable PU (polyurethane) leather can be sleek and modern, tufted and romantic or just plain comfortable, and come in various shapes and colors to fit your personal preferences.

When you’ve decided on, for example: a modern, detached, white, upholstered headboard; it’s time to shop! Click on our link and have fun!

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