Hardcase vs. Softcase luggage: Which is the best for you?

If you are planning a holiday, you may be thinking about investing in a new set of luggage cases. Although sets can last for years and can be passed between family and friends, they do eventually show signs of ageing and need to be replaced.

At FactoryFast, we offer a wide selection of luggage cases for every need, but we know that choosing the right set can be a difficult task. Below, we’ve rounded up the pros and cons of both sets so you can make the right decision.

Soft Luggage Sets

Soft luggage sets are usually referred to as softside or softcase, and they are the most commonly-used suitcase sets. They come in a whole variety of styles and constructions and are made from canvas-type material or nylon.

These sets are very flexible because of their soft design, which means you can sit on top of them to squeeze in those final few items of clothing! They often come with ‘expansion’ zips to use when you’re ready to travel home with a bag full of gifts and are generally lightweight which makes them great if you’re a regular traveller or don’t like carrying heavy bags around with you.

Perhaps the key feature of soft luggage cases is the flexibility – most collapse down easily to store, and you can jam-pack them with items before zipping them up. Hard cases, on the other hand, are usually very rigid and will only hold a certain amount of items before you close the lid.

Hard case

In contrast to soft cases, hard cases usually have a rigid outer shell which protects the contents of your case. Made from polycarbonate or light metal, hard cases are heavy and don’t offer any flexibility – the amount of space inside is the maximum you can hold in it. This means that there are no extra spaces which you can unzip, and you can’t quickly go into a pocket to pull out some of your items like you can with the soft case varieties.

The biggest feature of hard cases, of course, is their superior levels of protection. Items inside are kept well protected against crushing, and they tend to be more secure thanks to their shell-like design. However, because of their rigidity, hard cases can easily dent and scuff, which means their great-looking appearance doesn’t always last for long.

Which is the right case for me?

It’s clear that hard and soft cases serve very different purposes, and so we recommend investing in both types depending on the type of travel you’ll be using it for.

When it comes to long-haul holidays or packing valuable or fragile items, the sturdiness and security of a hardside case just cannot be beaten, but if you only use your case for storing clothing and holiday essentials, a softside case may be the more sensible and cost-effective choice.

If you’re still struggling to find the right type for you, get in touch with us here at FactoryFast and we’ll assist you in finding the perfect luggage case.

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