Choosing a costume for a party

Costume parties may seem to decrease in frequency as you get older, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t put in a bit of effort when one does arise!

If only choosing a costume were that easy, though. You could just pull out the same thing you wear to every party, or make a rushed last-minute costume out of things in your wardrobe and kitchen drawers. Or, you could buy the perfect costume that’ll last you for several parties – that is if the same guests aren’t attending!

So – how does one choose the perfect costume?

Consider your needs

Although it may seem like far too a serious thing to say, it’s important to consider your needs when buying a costume. Do you want something that comes with everything you need, or do you want to further accessorise by painting your face and buying other extras? If you’re going to be using the toilet a lot, do you really want something that’s difficult to take off? Do you have much room for storage, or would you rather purchase an inflatable costume that can easily be flat packed?

What’s the occasion?

Are you attending a run of the mill party, a Christmas shindig, or a Halloween bash? If you’re attending a general costume party, then there’s no limit to what you can dress up as. However, if it’s a specific holiday that you’re celebrating, it’s best to dress accordingly.

Halloween does tend to demand some level of scariness to feature in your costume, but that doesn’t mean to say that you can’t dress up as something more generic or as a pop culture character, either. 

Think before you buy

Once you know exactly what the occasion is, it’s time to do a bit of thinking.  As well as being suitable for the occasion, it’s important that your costume isn’t going to offend or upset anybody. Slightly more risqué costumes may be suitable for an older party, but if there are children present, it may cause a bit of concern and embarrassment. 

Obviously, avoid any costumes that are racist or prejudiced towards a group of people – this means avoiding dressing up as the stereotype as a certain nationality, for example.

One last thing...

It’s important to buy a costume that you feel comfortable in. Costume parties are good fun and shouldn’t be taken too seriously – so don’t worry about looking silly, everyone else is going to be dressed up too, after all.

It could be that you only wear certain elements of a costume, or swap one piece of it for some of your own clothing – do whatever makes you feel good, and what will make you feel okay about wearing the costume for the full party.

If you’re still having trouble searching for and selecting a costume, why not contact FactoryFast? We have a wide range of costumes – including inflatable ones – so you’re guaranteed to find something that’ll suit you just fine.



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