Choosing a shower screen

As you’ll most likely know already, shower screens are practically a bathroom essential – ensuring that the rest of your bathroom doesn’t get flooded – or at least, splattered with water - whilst you shower.

Practical benefits aside, shower screens can also serve an aesthetic purpose, dramatically changing the look of your bathroom. As the shower or shower/bath combo tend to be the main focal point of the bathroom, it’s important that you take your time to choose a shower screen that looks good, and does good.

First things first...

Before you get buying, it’s vital that you correctly measure the amount of space you have to work with. We recommend measuring the floor space and the height of the bathroom, and then take into account that you may want a shower screen that opens outwards – which you will also need space for.

Time to get shopping

...sort of. The next thing you want to do is to properly consider what kind of shower screen it is that you want. There are six main kinds available...

  • Walk-in - walk-in showers are spacious and don’t come with a door, but instead comes with one or two shower screens.
  • Bath shower screen - instead of a shower curtain – which can quickly become dirty and unhygienic – a single panel of glass sits on the edge of the bath.
  • Classic - the majority of households come equipped with this kind of shower, which normally has one single hinged door, but it can also be bi-folding or sliding. 
  • Quadrant - quadrant shower cubicles fit nicely into the corner of a bathroom and have a chic curved shower screen.
  • Etched - if you’re feeling fancy, your shower screen can come etched with original designs and patterns.
  • Recess - recess showers have three solid walls, and you’ll only need a door to gain access in and out of the shower.

We like to think that there are many more variations out there – it’s all up to you to have an explore. In regards to aesthetic qualities, it depends entirely on your personal tastes – most shower screens are made of clear glass, but may have gold or silver accents. Personally, we would recommend matching any colours present to the colours already seen in your bathroom’s colour scheme, but it entirely depends on your imagination!

For any further assistance with selecting a shower screen, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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