Buying Guide: What to Look for When Buying Pet Accessories

Having a pet is a joy. The unconditional love and loyalty we get from our fur babies is just priceless! It is also a big responsibility because pets depend on their humans for all of their needs. Not just food, water and shelter. Just like people, pets also need to feel safe, healthy and happy. With all the pet products and accessories out in the market, it can sometimes feel like a real challenge to determine what is necessary or appropriate. Keep in mind that while the products are for pets, most of these were designed to appeal to the pet owners’ preferences. Please don’t buy something just because it looks nice and cute to you!

Space Saving Ideas for Small Bedrooms

Having a place in the heart of the city has its advantages – your job, schools, shops and amenities - everything is practically just a block away! There’s one major trade-off though: Space. Living space has shrunk over the past few years and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find a city home that has a floor space bigger than 50 square meters; especially when you’re on a budget. Studio style and loft apartments can even be as small as 24-30 square meters so, sometimes it feels like you can never fit everything you need without your place, and your bedroom, looking like a cupboard!

Designing a small bedroom can be challenging but there are lots of possibilities. The trick is in finding ways to have smarter space by using every inch available efficiently and aesthetically. It has to look good! Here are some ideas you can try...

Frameless Glass Pool Fence Buying Guide: Choosing your Spigots

A frameless glass fence is an ideal solution to keeping the pool safe while maintaining a continuous view of the entire outdoor area. Frameless glass fences are gaining popularity due to lower costs and the ease of installation – you could do it yourself if you are so inclined, to save on professional construction fees. All that is required are glass panels and spigots. A spigot is a metal peg anchored to the ground while allowing the glass panel to be suspended slightly above ground. Properly installed, the spigots hold the fence securely in place without the need for posts or frames.

Choosing the Right Headboard for your Bed

Does a bed need a headboard? Not really, but having a headboard definitely adds style and functionality to a bed.

There are lots headboards available online for you to choose from. Let’s try to narrow down your options so you end up with the best possible headboard.

Why do you want a headboard?