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Elegant 150cm x 210cm Floor Rug
Clean, playful and modestly sophisticated. This rug brings you the best of both worlds. The uncomplicated pattern is easy to the eyes while also being stylish. It is dominated by a neutral colour, making it highly adaptable. If you're looking for a functional rug that won't overpower your d├ęcor, you..
Deal: $39.95
Silky Shag Shaggy Floor Rug -150 x 210cm CHOC BROWN
This SALVATORE ANGELOTTI silky-feel polyester Shag Rug gives any room an instant warming feeling and modern look. Standing about 2 inches long each strand of plush, thick, and comfortable rug pile is a fantastic way of adding a warm modern designer look to your room. Rug Features: Modern..
Deal: $134.95
Automatic Toilet Seat Sensor Operated White & Round
Men leave the toilet seat up, and women scold them for it. But now that age-old fight is at an end with the Automatic Touchless Toilet Seat. And this seat isn't just great for marital peace; it's convenient and it's hygienic. Operation couldn't be simpler. The toilet lid will raise automatically ..
Out of Stock: $109.95