Why can't I contact you over the phone?

After very careful assessment we have made the difficult decision not to offer phone support for now. The main reason for this decision if that there are extensive costs associated with phone support which would very quickly cause increased pricing for all of our products sitewide. We would rather prefer to keep offering our customers exceptional pricing whilst still placing a very strong focus on customer service in other ways.

Rest assured that even without phone support our focus on customer service is one of our top priorities and we have have several ways in which your queries can be dealt with efficiently:

  • Instant Answers - Find an answer instantly with some of our most common Questions & Answers - this typically answers the vast majority of questions that any customer may have.
  • Contact Us - Select your enquiry type and send your query to one of our friendly Customer Service team. We will typically respond within 24-48 hours on business days.
  • Warranty & Return Centre - self-service warranty application process. Click here for our contact help: https://www.factoryfast.com.au/contact