Portable Cot - I've tried to assemble it & am convinced it's broken

This is a very common report for the portable cot as a result of the unit not being assembled correctly in accordance with the instruction manual provided with the unit. We have had countless customers over time report the exact same issue and you will be amazed when you simply perform the following;

Step 1: lock all 4 sides into place as required BEFORE the centre piece is locked into place.

NOTE - each side railing comprises of 2 poles and handle encased in the material. Ensure that you have the 2 clips locked into place by the adjoining poles and that they each 'click' into place (ie. 2 poles clicking into place per side)

Step 2: Only once step 1 has been completed, lock the centre piece down into place - the 4 sides need to locked into place BEFORE the centre piece is locked into place.

We are certain this will remedy all cases as has been the case with every other cases such as this.