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Wall Mounted Chin Up Bar Pull Up
The Randy & Travis Wall-Mounted Chin-Up Bar will give you maximum results in minimum time!     The Randy & Travis Wall-Mounted Chin-Up Bar is solidly constructed and designed for optimum results. This handy versatile device is ideal for everyday use and is suitable for the home as well as t..
Deal: $79.95
Rowing Machine Rower Exercise Fitness Gym
The classic Rowing Machine has been an essential part of the gym for a very long time — and generations of athletes can testify to this fitness gear's effectiveness.   This compact machine gives you a full range of rowing motion. There's nothing quite like it for an intense yet low-impact work..
Deal: $149.95
Professional Doorway Chin Pull Up Gym Excercise Bar
With the Doorway Pull-Up Bar, the gym isn’t just knocking at your door, it’s hanging by it! Simple yet effective, this easy to mount setup is perfect for just about any upper body workout; sporting several padded grips that allow for a variety of positions, letting you decide how to go about your..
Deal: $29.95
Ab Back Crunch Abdominal Machine
Compact, yet yielding explosive results, this Ab & Back Crunch Machine is the perfect tool to bring your core muscles to their top condition! Designed for home use, yet at an “A Class” gym grade level, this steel frame construction is durable enough to take any onslaught of heavy exercise, but ge..
Deal: $259.95
 Fitness Glider Exercise Machine Elliptical Sports Trainer
This trainer provides comfort and stability with its high-density foam covered handlebars and non-skid foot platforms. The electronic display offers readings of speed, distance, time and approximate calories burnt during your workout. Specifications; • Non-skid foot platforms • Folds-up to ..
Deal: $149.95
10x Shaker Bottles Protein Mixer Gym Sports Drink
Our shaker bottle is the fastest and most efficient way to blend your sports drinks at home or on the go!   Our shaker bottle package comes with ten 600ml shaker bottles. Use at the gym, at home or on the go. Our shaker bottle is the quickest way to blend and mix your health drinks no matter w..
Deal: $24.95
Gravity Inversion Boots Therapy Hang Spine Posture Physio Gym Fitness
Designed to provide comfort while relieving pain and strengthening your body, these gravity boots are the perfect post-workout partner for you. With almost every workout sure to take its toll on your body with effects such as fatigue and muscle pain especially in the legs and lower back areas due..
Deal: $49.95
Agility Slalom Training Poles Soccer Rugby Set
Practice your fleet footwork for just about any challenge with this set of ten (10) Slalom Training Poles! Keep everybody quick on their toes with these light and portable training poles and crush the competition with your agility. Made from tough heavy-wall PVC, and equipped with stainless steel..
Deal: $79.95
Portable Doorway Chin Up bar Pull Ups Weights Gym
Turn just about any doorway into a gym grade pull up station with this Doorway Pullup Bar! Easy to install, the pull up bar is ready right out of the box - simply hold it up to your desired height and twist the ends to extend the bar until it fits tightly into the doorway, with screws allowing yo..
Deal: $9.95
Suspension Trainer Straps Workout
Our suspension trainer straps will enhance your workout at the gym or at home! Whether your workout is a daily exercise routine or if you’re training for MMA, our strength-training suspension/resistance straps will provide the maximum results. At home, the straps can be hooked onto a sturdy door...
Deal: $69.95
Indoor Magnetic Bicycle Trainer Fitness Bike Resistance Cycling Training Stand
This great exercise bike trainer is a must-have for any home gym!   Our great exercise bike endurance trainer is the gift that keeps on giving for all you fitness enthusiasts. You don’t have to wait for the gym to open or for a personal trainer to instruct you – this great fitness enhancer is ..
Deal: $114.95
Ab Crunch Abdominal Exercise Roller with Computer
We all know that the abs are one of the hardest areas of the body to isolate and tone. Use the Abdominal Exercise Crunch Roller with Computer to win the war with your abs. It'll give you the right form to truly target those stubborn ab muscles so you can get real results. The crunch roller is mad..
Deal: $39.95
Adjustable Aerobic Step Gym Exercise Fitness Workout
A must have for any workout scene; this adjustable aerobic step is perfect for beginners and athletes, and for almost any workout! Made from a durable polypropylene plastic that prevents slipping and capable of withstanding 250 kilograms of weight; this step is great for workouts ranging from sim..
Deal: $54.95
10x Advanced Protein Shaker Cup Sports Drink Bottle
A cup of anything you need, anywhere you can take it! As innovative as it gets, our SmartShake sports cups gives you more than just one option when it comes to keeping yourself hydrated and healthy. With two built in compartments, you can bring two separate drinks, such as a refreshingly nutritio..
Deal: $39.95
Push Up Bar Stand Handle Muscle Strength Exercise Gym
Stop the strain and the pain on your wrists and get even lower for a better and more intense workout with the Push-Up Bars. This simple piece of equipment will quickly be appreciated by beginners and seasoned athletes alike.   You'll receive a pair of bars made from chrome steel for maximum du..
Deal: $9.95
Athletics Starting Block Running Equipment
An essential piece of your track equipment! The athletic department of any high school or college will benefit with a supply of these sturdy track starting blocks. The construction of this athletic starting block is strong yet mobile and easy to put in place and quickly remove. The block featur..
Deal: $74.95
Fitness Agility Grid System
For agility, you need power, speed and coordination. To work out for power, speed and coordination you need a fitness agility grid system. This is the system preferred by the professionals in the industry. Why? The quality of the materials is commercial standard. This means the fitness agility grid ..
Deal: $29.95
Marker Training Cones Set for Soccer, Fitness, Personal Training
Keep your goals in sight all the time as you follow the well-marked path to success with these training cones! 10 pieces each for six different colours for a total of 60 cones - you won’t be running out of bright signs that are visible in almost any kind of weather. Used by professional trainers ..
Deal: $29.95
Jumbo 2.2 litre Sports Water Drink Bottle
Keep yourself well hydrated with this drink bottle which holds an entire day's worth of water intake.  The large carrying handle accommodates hands of every size, from the smallest to the largest. An easy to read scale allows you to keep track of your fluid intake as well as measuring the amount ..
Deal: $9.95
9m Agility Speed Training Ladder
The Randy & Travis Speed Training ladder is a rigorous workout waiting for you, at home or on the go, this easy to assemble and just as easy to store equipment is versatile and perfect for both beginners and veterans. The ladder measures 30ft long yet compresses and fits into a small plastic bag ..
Deal: $34.95
5x Cross-Fit Speed Skipping Rope Wire
This cross-fit speed skipping rope is a must have for your personal training regimen. With an adjustable length of up to 285cm, this skipping rope is customisable for just about anybody. With contoured handles for ease and comfort during use plus durable protective wires, this item is a great inv..
Deal: $24.95
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