Gym Accessories

Plyometric Box Set of 3 Plyo Jump Boxes
Plyometric Box Set of 3 - 30cm, 45cm, 60cm Jump Boxes Our Plyometric jump box will improve your explosive power and speed! No workout is complete without our jump box. Complete your home gym with our jump box which is made of high quality welded steel for strength and safe use. The unit features ..
Deal: $239.95
6 Digit Digital Timer Interval Fitness Clock
This digital timer boasts extremely large brightly lit digits; the display itself is 650mm long and 120mm wide. The entire unit is 730mm long, 160mm wide and 40mm thick.  Included remote control allows the unit to be mounted anywhere for convenient visibility.  Designed with workouts in mind, ..
Deal: $229.95
Digital Timer Interval Fitness Clock
Lose yourself to your workout while this premium Fitness Clock keeps track for you! Designed for maximum readability, this digital timer is perfect for just about any workout - whether it’s jogging or martial arts, we’ve got you covered. With several settings that are highly adjustable to prefere..
Deal: $194.95
Heavy Duty Gym Sled with Harness
Power through the playing field practice with this Heavy Duty Gym Sled! Designed to improve strength and endurance while greatly improving lower body muscle groups, this power sled is a great tool for both beginners and veteran athletes looking to improve their physical fitness regimen and their ..
Deal: $119.95
Forearm Wrist Grip Strength Roller Exercise Bar Home Gym Training
Get the forearms of your dreams with just a few minutes of exercise every day! This strength roller bar is an ingenious take on toning your arms, with the goal of exercising the entire muscle group instead of focusing on just one area! The idea is simple - attach a weight to the other end and beg..
Deal: $10.95
4 Tiles EVA Fitness Home Gym Interlocking Floor Puzzle Mat - Black
Turn any flat surface into a safe and comfortable floor space with this set of 4 EVA Fitness Puzzle Mats! Perfect for home, gym, recreational, or yoga purposes - these durable rubber mats have got you and the floor covered as they provide protection and comfort all around. With each mat being 1.3..
Deal: $19.95
Core Trainer Fitness Training
This fantastic new training gym provides you with a wide range of fitness and workout options. You can use the system to improve shoulder stability, increase core and upper body strength and mobility as well as developed overall core stability. Simply put, our Kettlebell Fitness Training Gym is all ..
Deal: $69.95
Close Grip Seated Row Handle Bar Triangle Cable Attachment
A simple design that’s persevered through the years, this Close Grip Triangle Row is the product of decades of trial and error and is now the perfect piece of equipment to help you reach your goals! Heavy duty construction paired with marvellous engineering design, this cable attachment can take ..
Deal: $19.95
15m Battle Strength Training Climbing Rope
Take charge of your body as you head into battle with this 15m Battle Rope! Designed to provide an all-around workout as you throw your entire body into moving these ropes, there’s no other workout as satisfying as this. From twisting your core muscles into shape to toning your arms and legs as t..
Deal: $129.95
12 Tiles EVA Fitness Home Yoga Gym Interlocking Floor Puzzle Mat - Wood Colour
Use our fantastic interlocking floor mat set and you’ll work out in comfort with no worries about damaging the floor! This tough and sturdy floor mat set has long-lasting durability. The floor mats are light in weight and easy to transport. You can instantly turn anywhere you go into your priva..
Deal: $49.95
Aerobic Workout 4 Block Bench Step
Enjoy the convenience of a full-body aerobic workout in the privacy of your home! Our three-level aerobic step design earns a commercial gym grade rating. Don"t take time from your busy schedule to run to the gym for a step aerobic workout. You can reap the benefits of a great step routine in the..
Deal: $84.95
Heavy Duty Gym Sled and Harness
Gym Sled and Harness The Gym Power Sled is a must for the complete workout. The Power Sled will help get you in the best shape of your life as it builds your strength and increases your speed. The sled has an easily-transportable design that is sure to become a fitness essential and a training ai..
Deal: $89.95
Olympic Swiss Bar Specialty Barbell
This is a specialty Olympic Swiss Bar barbell, rated for lifting up to 500 lbs.  The overall size of this Chrome powder coated barbell is 2200mm, or roughly 86 inches.  The fully welded multi-grip Swiss bar is rackable on most standard power racks and has a weight of 27.5kg, or 60.5 lbs.  T..
Deal: $159.95
Chrome Olympic Tricep Bar Barbell Heavy Duty with Spring Collars
Tricep muscles are often hard to target, but with the 2" Olympic Tricep Bar, you've got the perfect piece of equipment for the job.   This specially-designed bar plated in classic chrome will precisely target your triceps with a full range of motion while minimising stress on the wrists, forea..
Deal: $94.95
Calf Raise Block Leg Workout
Made to make the most out of your workout session, this versatile squat bench allows one to perform standing body weight calf raises with the use of dumbbells - saving you time and money by using a well-established item in anybody’s fitness collection! In conjunction with your machine bar and oth..
Deal: $79.95
Chrome Olympic Curl Bar Barbell Heavy Duty EZ with Spring Collars
Our Chrome Olympic Curl Bar is simply the quickest and best way to build strength and muscle mass in your upper arms. If you want quick results and definition you can really see, buy this bar. This chrome curl bar is 120cm (47") in length and accepts Olympic-style weights (not included) up to a t..
Deal: $69.95
Randy & Travis Rubber-Coated Revolving Curl Row Bar Attachment
Bring your upper body workout to new heights with this Revolving Curl Row Bar attachment and put a spin on your fitness routine without having to worry about slipping or breakage. Sure to bring something new to those looking to pick up working out or for any experienced veteran. Made by Randy & T..
Deal: $29.95
Gym Rings Hoop Gymnastic Exercise Training Fit
Rise up to new heights and take on the world of upper body exercise by storm and style with this pair of Gym Hoops! Improve your traditional exercises such as the chin up and pull up when you perform them with these gym hoops, using all your upper body muscles while also working your core! Perfec..
Deal: $24.95
Randy & Travis Rubber-Coated Lat Pull-Down Bar Attachment
The idea of a gym attachment that could work your upper body muscles via focusing on pull down exercises was made into a reality with this lat pull down bar attachment. Made by Randy & Travis, this bar attachment features heavy duty steel construction, built to last, and designed for optimum resu..
Deal: $39.95
Curl Bar Barbell Heavy Duty EZ with Spinlock Collars
Building your upper arms has never been easier or faster than with our Solid Steel Standard Curl Bar. Designed specifically to isolate biceps and forearm muscles, this bar has long been a favorite in professional gyms. And now you can enjoy a gym-quality workout in your own home.   This bar ac..
Deal: $29.95
15m  Battle Strength Training Climbing Rope with Sleeve
Take charge of your body as you head into battle with this 15m Battle Rope! Designed to provide an all-around workout as you throw your entire body into moving these ropes, there’s no other workout as satisfying as this. From twisting your core muscles into shape to toning your arms and legs as t..
Deal: $139.95
Tricep Pulldown Rope
With the perfect range of motion to isolate triceps as well as abdominal muscles, the Nylon Tricep Pulldown Rope can be an essential ingredient in your home gym routine.   The pulldown rope is 67.5cm long in total and is built gym-tough, featuring extra-durable braided nylon, solid rubber grip..
Deal: $11.95
3 IN 1 Foam Plyo Games Plyometric Jump Box
This Foam Games Box features the same durable construction and protective padding and also has the added 3-in-1 versatility of our original wood Games Box.  Each 58-pound Jump Box features a dense foam core with softer foam on all six sides—making these boxes firm and secure enough to perform cha..
Deal: $179.95
PolyDac Climbing Rope, 1.5-Inch x 30-Feet
Looking to climb your way to the peak of physical fitness? PolyDac has got you covered with this exercise climbing rope. Designed for indoor and outdoor use, these durable ropes are made to carry over five thousand pounds safely. The secret? Splicing. Spliced ropes have their attachment ends brai..
Deal: $89.95