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Human Skeleton Anatomical Model 180cm
Life Size Human Skeleton Model Description: Any student of anatomy from beginner to physician will benefit from owning this adult life-sized Human Skeleton. It is widely used by medical professionals, teachers and artists alike. This articulated adult-sized skeleton is perfect for teaching ..
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Anatomical Human Patient Care Manikin Model
The perfect tool for teaching future nurses and emergency technicians to care for their patients, this human manikin is both practical and educational when it comes to bringing real world situations to the classroom. A visual and a hands-on aid for teaching medical procedures, this life size fema..
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Life Size Foot Joint Anatomical Model Skeleton
Keep your feet on the ground when it comes to proper teaching with this life size skeleton foot model! The perfect teaching aid when it comes to physiology, podiatry and anatomy classes, this life size model helps immensely when it comes to learning about the morphology and movement of the foot a..
Deal: $39.95
Human Anatomical Muscular Model Muscle System
A must have for anybody studying or teaching about the human muscular system. An anatomically correct life size model of the human muscular system with moving parts and removable parts that show the underlying organs, perfect for a hands-on learning experience that goes beyond simple teaching met..
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Female Pelvis Anatomical Model
A life size model of the female pelvis, this anatomically correct representation will be appreciated by medical professionals, students, and teachers alike for its great amount of detail. Ideal for classes such as physiology, general anatomy, and gynaecological courses, this visual aid provides s..
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Life Size Shoulder Joint Anatomical Model Skeleton
A must have for medical professionals and educators everywhere, this life size model of the human shoulder gives patients and students a closer look on one of the most used joints in the body. Anatomically correct and equipped with ligaments made from flexible material to realistically depict the..
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Human 80cm Unisex Torso Anatomical Model Skeleton Life Size
A life size model of the human torso, accurately and intricately detailed to give students and teachers a hands-on tool for studying human anatomy. Designed to bring clarity tostudents' understanding of the structures of the head, neck, and internal organs of the human body by giving a visual of ..
Deal: $254.95
Anatomical Human Eye with Orbit Model
The perfect learning tool for any anatomy and physiology class, this enlarged model of the human eye gives you a glimpse into the inner workings of one of the most complicated parts of the body. Appreciated by both educators and students alike, the value of this visual aid lies in more than just ..
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