Benches & Racks

Leg Extension Curl Machine
Solid, compact, and effective, this Leg Extension Curl Machine is perfect for giving your legs the running start to a fitter you! Designed to work out your lower body in comfort and safety, this fitness machine is fitted with high density foam padding covered in sewn upholstery - making it stylis..
Deal: $284.95
Power Rack Squat Cage Stands w Lat Pulldown Home Gym
Power Rack A huge range of gym-quality exercises right at home? It's possible when you purchase the Home Power Rack today. There are over 50 reasons why the power rack is sure to be your all-in-one home workout solution. This unit has everything. Lat pulldowns. Low row. Dip handles. Band pegs. H..
Deal: $489.95
Lat PullDown Low Row Fitness Machine
An amazing two in one flexible package, providing you with just about everything that you’ll ever need for Pull Downs or Low Rows, all in one awesome machine! Featuring a heavy duty steel construction, this machine is more than just durable, boasting wide array of flexibilities when it comes to u..
Deal: $259.95
Power Rack Squat Deadlift HD Lift Cage
Lock yourself into a cage with everything that you’ll need to work on the body that you want to have with this Power Rack Workout Cage! Designed with strength, safety, and efficiency in mind, this frame provides optimal support for all phases of your workout routine. From squats and lifts to mili..
Deal: $409.95
Power Tower Chin Up Dip Pull Push Up Machine
The Power Tower gives you an important versatility in your workout regimen. It is designed to give users the ability to do chin-ups, dips, push-ups, sit ups and leg raises because of its multiple grip positions. The Power Tower is strong - made with heavy duty steel construction. It has quick and ea..
Deal: $309.95
45-Degree Hyperextension Bench
Find the right angle towards a healthy body when you exercise with this 45 Degree Hyperextension Bench and get the body that you’ve always wanted! Designed to work your lower back and abdominal muscles, this two in one inclined bench is propped at a 45 degree angle to make the most out of your ob..
Deal: $154.95
3 Tier Dumbbell Rack for Dumbbell Weights Storage
Store all your dumbbell weights on this convenient three-tier rack from Randy & Travis Machinery. Perfect for flats, small homes, and gyms in which space is at a premium. With its compact one-metre width and ½-metre depth, you’ll only take up ½ metre of closet or floor space, giving you more room fo..
Deal: $219.95
Squat Rack Stand Pair Bench Press Weight Lifting Barbell
Dimensions: 50 x 50 x 107cm Weight capacity:  100kg Adjustable height range: 1070-1470mm ..
Deal: $129.95
Steel Vertical Dumbbell Rack Weight Stand
Keep your workout simple and clean with this Vertical Dumbbell Rack! Disorganised workout stations are a pain to deal with, figuratively and literally as they often lead to injury - something you won’t have to deal with upon purchase of this Dumbbell Rack that's designed to store 12 weights; roun..
Deal: $104.95
FID Flat Incline Decline Bench Press w/ Leg Extension
Go all in with this full body workout machine and get ready to get the perfect body! Designed to do it all, this machine features several adjustable pads and rolls that let you do just about anything - from leg curls and presses to working out your biceps and mid-section, all at the leisure of yo..
Deal: $189.95
FID Flat Incline Decline Adjustable Bench Press
Looking for that gym grade workout quality from the comfort of your own home? Take it even further with this Folding Workout Bench! This bench can be maneuvered flat, or with either side inclined or declined - giving you 6 different positions to choose from; whether it’s military presses, bench p..
Deal: $104.95
AB Power Tower Dip Chin Push Up Home Gym MultiStation
The Power Tower is a versatile piece of fitness equipment that will allow you to do a variety of exercises for both your upper body and lower body. And its compact footprint means it won't take up too much space.   What can you do with the Power Tower? Chin-ups (closed grip and wide grip) and ..
Deal: $179.95
Roman Hyper Extension Bench Chair Exercise Fitness Workout Core Abdominal
Get off the floor and strengthen and stretch your core muscle groups!   Use this great fitness enhancement to improve your physique while you strengthen your core abdominal and back muscles. The Roman/Hyper Extension Bench is designed to last! The bench is a well-constructed sturdy chair that ..
Deal: $179.95
Commercial Flat Weight Lifting Bench
This flat weightlifting bench press lifting bench is a wonderful addition to your home gym. Useful for sit-ups as well as bench pressing, you’ll get a lot of mileage out of this sturdy lifting bench by Randy & Travis Machinery. Its wide, sturdy non-slip rubber feet support you as you bench press ..
Deal: $94.95
Foldable Incline Sit Up Bench
Take your upper body workout to a whole new level with this multipurpose Foldable Incline Sit Up Bench! Built to enhance and improve your core exercise experience like no other bench, this foldable incline offers so much more than just that. With a pair of dumbbells and two rubber cord resistance..
Deal: $94.95
Solid Dip Station Gym Fitness
Manufactured by Randy & Travis and designed with safety and durability in mind, this rugged construction is guaranteed to produce optimal results with the correct use. Made with a heavy-duty steel frame that’s built to last through wear and tear, this solid dip station is perfect for beginners and v..
Deal: $129.95
Weights Flat Bench Press Home Gym
No gym experience is complete without a flat bench, and there’s no better bench to complete your home gym experience like our Flat Home Bench! Designed with comfort and durability in mind, a solid metal tube construction guarantees that it can stand up to even the most explosive workout, while a ..
Deal: $84.95
Olympic Weight Plate Storage Rack 250kg Capacity
When you need a spot to organize your weight plates, this Olympic weight plate storage rack by Randy & Travis Machinery is just the ticket. Perfect for home and commercial gyms alike, this rack can store up to 250 kg of weight plates in an attractive, pyramidal display.      Specifications: ..
Deal: $74.95
Chin Dip Parallel Bar Push Up Dipping Equipment
Lift your workout to new heights with this amazing Chin Up and Dip Bar! A must have for any gym or home-based workout, this fitness rack is designed with comfort and safety in mind without sacrificing portability or flexibility. A lightweight frame equipped with large, padded grips that provide a..
Deal: $69.95
Unilateral Seated Row Machine
This seated row machine is small enough for home use, yet sturdy enough to be placed in a gym.  The heavy duty construction of this machine is ready to take a pounding while helping you develop your chest, pecs and arms.  The height and oversized chest pad are adjustable with a single, easy pu..
Deal: $299.95
Preacher Curl Bench Weights Commercial Bicep Arms
Bring the best of the gym with you at home and take your upper body workout to the next level with this Bicep Curl Weights Bench! Designed with comfort and durability in mind, this bench lets you power through a wide array of gym exercises - toning your arms into top condition without worry as sa..
Deal: $149.95