Which Pull down Attic Ladder is best for your home?

Attic and loft conversions are becoming more and more popular nowadays. It may be that people are discovering new ways to make the most of having a smaller living space, or that more technology is making them much more readily available.

Whatever you choose to do with your loft or attic – converted or likewise – you’re going to need a set of pull-down attic ladders to access it.

Attic ladders have come a long way from the rickety and unsightly stepladders that perched against the entrance of the attic – ladders that very often came separately, and had to be precariously leaned against the hatchway.

Nowadays, attic ladders tend to come fixed to the door of the hatchway, come equipped with full-length handrails, and are much more stable – a lot more like a set of stairs than a stepladder.

If you’re looking to have one installed into your home, it can be difficult to navigate the many different kinds that are available on the market. 

To save you the confusion, we’ve created a handy little guide to help you know what to look out for whilst shopping for attic ladders.


Having the correct size of stairs is key to having a safe and fuss-free method of accessing your attic. 

You should take as many measurements as possible for the utmost accuracy, but there are three measurements that are absolutely critical to having a correctly-fitting set of attic stairs; the width of the hatchway, it’s length, and the height from the ceiling (of the room below, not the attic) to the floor.

The first two indicate how wide of a set of stairs you will need to purchase, whilst the latter measurement lets you know how long the set of stairs can be in order to work effectively.

If in any doubt over any aspect of measuring for your attic ladder – or installing it – we advise that you contact a trusted tradesperson.


The material that you choose your attic ladder to be made out of is a choice that regards much more than aesthetics.

The two most common materials that are used to make attic stairs – and the two that FactoryFast stock – are wood and metal.

Wood is the best choice for a more homely, comfortable look, whilst metal is more contemporary-looking and provides a sturdier finish. If your attic has been converted into a bedroom or a play room, wood would make a much more comfortable option. For attics that are being used for more storage-based purposes, metal would do nicely.

Both materials are durable and sturdy – just make sure to look at the maximum load of whichever ladder you choose to purchase, to make sure it can bear the weight you desire.

Follow our advice, and you should end up with a trusty pair of attic ladders that will see you right for up to a decade!

Need some more help? Contact the team at FactoryFast for further information regarding our Attic Ladders. 

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