Space Saving Ideas for Small Bedrooms

Having a place in the heart of the city has its advantages – your job, schools, shops and amenities - everything is practically just a block away! There’s one major trade-off though: Space.  Living space has shrunk over the past few years and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find a city home that has a floor space bigger than 50 square meters; especially when you’re on a budget.  Studio style and loft apartments can even be as small as 24-30 square meters so, sometimes it feels like you can never fit everything you need without your place, and your bedroom, looking like a cupboard!

Designing a small bedroom can be challenging but there are lots of possibilities.  The trick is in finding ways to have smarter space by using every inch available efficiently and aesthetically.  It has to look good! Here are some ideas you can try:

Maximize Wall space

Square footage extends from floor to ceiling, so take advantage of all that wall space to clear your floor.  When it comes to storage, think vertical.  

  • Why settle for numerous cabinets, tables and drawers that take up a lot of floor space?  Fill an entire wall, floor to ceiling with shelves.  Shelves give a room a less cluttered look.  It would also be easier to keep things organized and in their proper place.  Stack tall, shallow shelves together, attach them to the wall to hold books, decorations and maybe even a home media entertainment system.  Or install a sliding door mirror to cover the open shelves and you can have a whole wall in your bedroom for your wardrobe.
  • Wall-mount everything you can.  You don’t really need a side table taking up space beside your bed if its only function is to hold a reading light, right? Get a wall-mounted lamp.



Choose items that can be used in more than just one way.  For example:

  • Chests that can be used as side table and storage at the same time
  • A bookcase that can double up as a room divider
  • A headboard or bed with storage drawers

Get foldable furniture

Instead of devoting permanent space to big pieces that you only use when you have company, or if your living space is one multi-purpose room – like your bedroom doubles as a sitting area, consider getting folding furniture that can be easily tucked away when not in use.  Take for example a bed.  You, or your guest can enjoy the luxury of a full-sized double bed that neatly, and easily folds into an attractive and stylish wall cabinet.  And it’s a real bed – not like a makeshift sofa bed that feels stiff and uncomfortable.  Check out our Palermo Wall Mounted Bed.  The classic white wall cabinetry blends well with any décor, no one would guess that it’s hiding a double bed.  The bed itself is durable and sturdy, with metal frames and flexible slats.  It’s easy to pull down or lift and tuck away thanks to pneumatic pistons. The frame accommodates Australian sized double mattress with a thickness of 22 cm.  It’s practically all you need to turn a room into a bedroom in no time at all!

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