Properly cleaning and caring for your BBQ hot plates

When the sun comes out, it often brings with it an increase of trips to the beach,  sales of suntan lotion rising, and an astounding amount of ice cream vans roaming the streets.It also calls for one of this country’s favourite past times – a good old-fashioned BBQ.

You don’t have to have the latest model on the market at your disposal, or have to have the greatest cooking skills – all you need is a reliable BBQ, a few good friends and family, and some food.

One of the things that can turn a BBQ from a delectable delight to a disaster, mind, is the hot plates which you use with your trusty old BBQ – it is the main thing that helps to correctly cook your food, after all. Hence, here are some of our top tips on how to correctly clean and care for your BBQ’s hot plate, starting with a rather obvious one.

  • Don’t use harsh cleaning chemicals - it may get rid of the stains and burnt-on food in a pinch, but not without leaving behind a residue which can massively affect the taste and smell of the food that is cooked on it afterwards. 
    As well, the chemicals can affect stainless steel/painted finishes, and you also run the risk of releasing potentially toxic fumes – the last thing you need on a hot summers day. 
    To clean your hot plate, we recommend using a mix of mild soap and warm water. It may take a tad more work and time, but it’s ultimately worth it. 
  • Be gentle - refrain from using abrasive scrubbers - such as steel wool or wire brushes – on the hot plate as these can scratch the plate, affecting its appearance and performance.  If you have particularly stubborn stains to deal with, try using a non-scratch scrubber, similar to what you would use on non-stick cookware.
    Even better – only ever scrub in the direction of the grain in the stainless steel – not in a circular pattern, which is more likely to scratch.
  • Don’t settle for a quick fix – many people look to the likes of pressure washers, burning food residue so it can be removed easier, and many other quick fixes to clean their BBQ hot plates, but the vast majority of these bring more risks with them than they do cleaning power.
    Pressure washers can drive grease into important parts of the BBQ (or into your garden), whilst burning food residue can cause a gas fire – neither are exactly desirable, so we recommend stick to good old fashioned soap and water. 

Still after more cleaning and care tips, or want to find out more about our range of BBQ hot plates? Please feel free to get in touch.

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