Guide in Buying Home Exercise Equipment

Getting some home exercise equipment has definite advantages.  You can always squeeze in a 5-10-minute workout without the inconvenience of commuting or driving out to the gym.  And rain or shine, you get to exercise when you want to.  No excuses!

Before shopping for home gym equipment, here are some things you have to consider.  First and foremost, you have to identify your workout goal and the type of exercise regimen you plan to undertake to achieve it.   Make sure you have realistic goals and expectations.

There are 4 basic types of exercises:

  • Endurance.  Also called aerobic, these exercises temporarily speed up your breathing and heart rate.  If you’re training to run a 21K marathon, you have to build up your endurance.
  • Strength. These type of exercise is aimed at improving the muscle strength.  There are various strength exercises to target specific muscle groups. Lifting weights and working with elastic or resistance bands, push ups, dips, sit-ups and ab crunches (you’re working against your own body weight) are examples of strength exercises.
  • Flexibility.  Stretching exercises enhance the range of motion of joints. Flexibility exercises are commonly introduced gradually in warm up routines to prepare the body for more strenuous activity.
  • Balance. These exercises help improve balance and stability to prevent falls.

Ideally, a good weekly regimen will include all 4 types of exercises, with special focus on your workout goal routine.

Please make sure to consult your physician about the appropriateness of the exercise regimen relative to your health.


With your goal in mind, it’s time to check out the available equipment.  If your goal is endurance building, there are several options – you can get a treadmill or a stationary bike for example.  Which is better?  What is the best equipment?  

Simple answer: the best equipment is something you know you will use, because you enjoy using it!You’ll have the motivation to go through your exercises regularly, without having to force yourself day in and day out.  That’s half the battle won!


There are a lot of brands of exercise equipment available online and the price range varies from several hundreds to several thousands of dollars.Although some people correlate a higher price to higher quality and effectivity, this is not always the case. Some exercise equipment come with a multitude of extra functions beyond what you basically need, and this is what drives the price up. But if you really feel that you’ll be using all the features of an all in one, multi-station home gym: Arm Curl, Butterfly, Chin Up, Leg Curl, Mulitpress, Shoulder Press, Dip Station, Leg Extension, Pectoral Deck, Pull Up, Chest Press, Lat Pull Down, Leg Press, Power Tower; and that it’s worth paying an additional thousand dollars for, go ahead.  Otherwise, stick to what you’ll actually use.

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