Gazebos and marquees: Choosing between Pop-up and Full Assembly

Gazebos and marquees are technically the same product, and it’s one that is the perfect solution for parties, BBQs, sporting events, camping, corporate events, markets, fairs, festivals... pretty much anything that may require you to avoid unpleasant weather at some point in time.

Seeing as summer is on the way, there’s no better time to get purchasing a gazebo/marquee. 

One of the things you’ll have to consider when shopping around for one is whether you’d prefer a pop-up variety, or one that requires a fuller, complex assembly.

Feeling stuck for choice? We’ll take a look at each type of gazebo/marquee individually, and list their pros and cons. 


Pop-up gazebos do exactly what they say on the tin; they require very little effort regarding assembly, and can be up and ready to use in minutes with very little skill or expertise required. 

We would recommend a pop-up gazebo if you plan to make regular use of a gazebo, but usage that sees you taking it down and/or transporting it often, too.

The easy assembly will save you tons of time and effort if you’re frequently assembling and dissembling it, but it isn’t without its downsides.

A pop-up gazebo may not be as durable and hardy as one that requires a full assembly.  This means that it may not maintain it’s out-of-the-box quality for long, or that it may not stand up as well to the elements as other gazebos. 
Overall, we would recommend a pop-up gazebo if time, convenience, and ease of use are of importance to you.

Full assembly

Full assembly gazebos require much more work to assemble and disassemble than pop-up varieties. 

They take more time and skill to be assembled, however the generally offer a more secure and sturdy finish which is great if you’re entertaining at a party or want a quality-designed product.

If you’re after a gazebo that will stand up to the elements like wind, rain, and damage once assembled, these are the gazebos to look for.

A full assembly gazebo comes with few disadvantages, apart from the increased amount of DIY skill and time that you’ll need to assemble it. For those of you who plan on regularly dismantling your gazebo, transporting it often, or if you want something that’s easier to assemble, we would recommend that you purchase a pop-up option instead.

Still struggling to select a gazebo that’s right for you? Please feel free to contact the FactoryFast team who will be willing to help.

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