6m X 7.2m Heavy Duty 240GSM D-Ring Tarpaulin

6m X 7.2m Heavy Duty 240GSM D-Ring Tarpaulin
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6m X 7.2m Heavy Duty 240GSM D-Ring Tarpaulin 6m X 7.2m Heavy Duty 240GSM D-Ring Tarpaulin 6m X 7.2m Heavy Duty 240GSM D-Ring Tarpaulin

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6m X 7.2m Heavy Duty 240GSM D-Ring Tarpaulin


Get the strongest, most durable tarpaulin available!

There is no comparison between this magnificent extra-duty tarp to ordinary tarps that can be purchased from hardware or camping stores. Our D-Ring Tarpaulin is made from the much stronger 240gsm fabric and provides superior UV protection to any similar product you can find at local stores.

The strongest tarp in its class, our Extra Heavy Duty D-Ring Tarp is a superior quality 240g/m2 tarpaulin. This heavy-duty tarp will stand up to constant exposure to the sun and has proven to be longer lasting than other inferior brands.

Under close scrutiny, you"ll discover that most similar tarps sold on eBay warn that these products are "not to be used as a permanent structure". This lack of confidence in their products points to the inferior fabric and low UV inhibitor levels that are used in manufacturing them. Our Heavy Duty D-Ring tarps are typically 10-20% stronger than those found at most camping stores.

If you want a good tarp that will protect you and last through the years, buy with confidence from the tarp specialists.

This Extra Heavy-Duty Tarp features stainless D-rings which are placed at three-foot intervals around the perimeter and secured in tough 24mm UV stable PP webbing. Each D-ring is secured in place with a triple material patch and industrial grade thread. PP rope reinforces the double seams.

UV rays are deflected by the important silver top sheet which also reflects heat. Heat is absorbed by the green under sheet which also serves to deflect penetrating UV rays. For extra protection, your tarp comes with UV treatment on both sides of your tarp. Our Extra Heavy-Duty Tarp is designed for maximum strength and is suitable for camping as well as for temporary shelter.

A note of caution: it is not recommend that more than 2.5m of your tarp be unsupported in any one direction if you opt to hang it as a roof structure.

The size of this tarp is its 'cut size' which in industry terminology means that the stated size of the material is its size before it is fabricated into a tarpaulin. To allow for seams, please note that the "finished" size may be up to 3% shorter. Due to weaving and laminating tolerances during manufacturing, fabric specs are based on batch average and may vary by +/- 5%.


· 6m x 7.2m

· Quality 240gsm tarp

· 20' x 24'

· Extra heavy-duty

· Stainless D-rings

· 24mm UV stable PP webbing

· Triple material patch

· Industrial grade thread

· Virgin PE materials

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6m X 7.2m Heavy Duty 240GSM D-Ring Tarpaulin

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